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What to do for whiplash after a car accident

If you even suspect you have whiplash after a car accident, be extremely careful and take the following steps. This is important, and your physical health could be on the line. Go to The Broadway Clinic’s TBC Accident Care as soon as possible.

Whiplash can lead to any of these injuries: pinched nerves, spine fractures, nerve damage, damaged blood vessels and ruptured ligaments. Because of these possibilities, you should always get checked by a doctor when you think you have whiplash. In fact, you should always get checked anytime you’ve been in a car accident - even for fender benders. If you live around Oklahoma City (OKC), The Broadway Clinic’s TBC Accident Care has immediate appointments available.

Whiplash is caused by a severe jerk to the head. It usually occurs when a car is hit from the rear end. The symptoms can vary, depending on the situation. Some common symptoms are neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, stiffness, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, back pain, arm pain or any kind of visual problems. If you’re experiencing (or have experienced) any of these symptoms, get checked by an accident care doctor as soon as possible.

In the mean time, if you’re feeling pain, you can take a mild pain reliever until you can see a physician.

When you see the physician, make sure to explain exactly how the accident occurred. Describe what you did after the collision and how you felt (any pain, discomfort or abnormal sensations). The doctor will know what to do. He or she will also know how bad the injury is. Even if you think the pain of the whiplash has gone away since the accident, only the physician will be able to determine the real extent of the injury. If you feel fine later throughout the day or week, that doesn’t mean your problems are over.

The doctor may say that you need to take a minor pain reliever like ibuprofen. This will both help with the pain and decrease the swelling. Depending on the circumstances, he or she may ask you to get an x-ray to find out what other injuries you have. Whatever the advice is, take it. It could end up saving you major trouble later on.

The treatment, again, will depend on the diagnosis from the doctor. You may only have to ice the area over for a few days. You may need assistance from a chiropractor. Only a doctor will know what to do for whiplash after a car accident.

For over 37 years, The Broadway Clinic’s TBC Accident Care Oklahoma City (OKC) has been treating patients. They are the most experienced medical facility in the metro. If you’ve been in an accident, see a doctor there as soon as possible.

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