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Summer auto safety

Summer is upon us, and it brings many changes with it. You’ll switch out your wardrobe, open up your pool, and maybe even change your diet. But what about your car? Here are some helpful tips to prepare your car for the blazing Oklahoma summer.

Check your tire pressure. As little as a 10-degree difference can change your psi by one pound. Nothing like having to walk home in the summer sun because you had a flat tire.

Make sure to also check the wear on your tires. Uneven wear will decrease your fuel efficiency.

Test your battery. It can be weakened by higher temperatures. Also, don’t turn your car off with the air on full blast. It’s harder on your car when you turn it back on.

Change your oil. Very high or very low temperatures could require a heavier motor oil to keep your car running smoothly.

Never leave kids or pets inside a hot car. Twenty-four recorded deaths of children due to heatstroke from being left in car occurred last year and thirty-one the year before. Pets are at the same risk. Be sure to always take them inside with you or leave Fido at home.

An easy way to avoid a hot car is to park in the shade or use windshield sun shades. This will keep the seats, steering wheel and seat belt buckle cool (because does anyone else burn themselves on the metal of the buckle like I do??).

If you find yourself with a broken AC unit, you can install a small solar-powered car fan to keep you cool on the roads. It works by pulling the hot air out and keeping the cool air circulating.

Not necessarily in regards to safety but to peace of mind, clean out your car. Who wants melted chocolate, crayons or other questionable substances stuck to your seat? Take it from me, and don’t forget about the chicken fried rice you left in your car that slid under the seat. I found it a week or so later once the smell was unbearable.

These are some easy tips to help you get the most out of your car this summer. So whether you’re planning for a road trip across the country or just a road trip to the nearest water park, be safe and prepared for the road. Visit for information and resources.

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