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Safe & Happy Holiday

The holidays, what a wonderful time of the year. The holiday season often begins as early as September, although Hobby Lobby already has Christmas trees out, with Halloween, when “Trick-or-Treat” passes the lips of children, then Thanksgiving, often overshadowed by Christmas, where relatives come from all around to gives thanks and eat incredible amounts of food and finally, Christmas. Christmas dominates the holiday season and brings people from around the world to come together and rejoice with each other. One thing that all of these holidays have in common though, is roads become dangerous.

Halloween brings out all of the cute little children dressed as their favorite superheroes, princesses and monsters. The cute little miniatures scuttle around neighborhoods, buckets full of candy and hearts full of joy. While this might be cute and fantastic to watch, it can be incredibly dangerous for drivers. A child could easily drop a bucket and run after it only to find themselves in the middle of the road or try to cross the street to find the next doorbell to ring and not look both ways. It’s important to be careful when Halloween begins because the children often aren’t paying attention to the roads.

Then comes Thanksgiving, a time when the roads are filled with millions of people who are either thinking of all the amazing food they are about to consume way too much of or who sit in their car and ponder why they just consumed a month’s worth of calories in a few short hours. Either way, clearly, their minds are not on the road. With unbuttoned pants, they drive down the road with dreams or nightmares that revolve around family and food. We don’t blame them either, which is why it’s important to be extra vigilant with eyes on the road instead of the leftovers in the back of the car.

Finally, Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. We at The Broadway Clinic would like to formally request to change that slogan to, the most vigilant time of the year. We say this only half-jokingly. Christmas is a great time to surround yourself with friends and family as you wrap up in blankets around a fire sipping hot cocoa. This ideal picture is completed by a big bright tree in the corner while sharing embarrassing and funny stories. Drives around the neighborhood to see intricate and fantastic light shows are a must as well. All of these thoughts and images can populate your thoughts and distract your vision; combined with snow and ice that typically goes hand in hand can equal a risky situation for all drivers on the road. While it may be difficult, it is of the utmost importance to push those thoughts out of your head and keep your eyes on the road.

The Broadway Clinic would like to wish everyone the merriest of holidays this season, but we also want everyone to be safe. So, watch for miniature Captain Americas, think twice about that second piece of pie and pretend like the roads are just as interesting as the giant waving Santa on your right, and if anything does happen this holiday season that causes you physical pain we are here with open arms to help cure it. Happy Holidays and be safe!

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