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Driving in deer season

Hunting season is coming up, and that means deer are out and about. Take it from personal experience, hitting a deer with your car is not fun. Both the deer and driver are likely to get seriously hurt. Take these precautions to avoid deer collisions this season.

Dusk and dawn are the most popular times for deer to be roaming. Be particularly careful if there are trees and brush on the side of the road (they may be hiding!). This a difficult time to see the road anyways, so it’s important that you be extra aware of your surroundings.

If you see one, chances are there is one or more behind him. Slow down and proceed carefully in case they decide to make a break across the road.

Don’t swerve, just brake. If you swerve, you might hit oncoming cars and make the wreck more fatal. Brake as quickly as possible, and if you must go off the road, make sure to go to the shoulder.

Wear your seatbelt. Sixty percent of fatal deer crashes happen when the driver was not buckled in. Seatbelts are there to protect you and keep you from experiencing whiplash or being ejected out of the vehicle.

 Call The Broadway Clinic Accident Care. If you do unfortunately have a collision with a deer and it causes injury to you, come see us. We deal with whiplash, lower back pain, and any other pain associated with car crashes. We want to help keep you safe this fall.

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